Written by Jasmine & Julie Sydenham

Format: softcover, 25x25cm, 32 pages
RRP: $AU20.00
Publisher: Harbour Publishing House 2012

It all began as a simple request of my daughter. I was committed to an exhibition in the tasting room at Cupitt’s Winery and I needed some inspiration for a series of narrative works.

I asked Jasmine (my 9 year old at the time) to write me a story that I could use. She came up with a beautiful little tale about what she’d like to be when she grew up.

The 15 small works that I produced as a result were a great success – whimsical, playful, colourful.

The character ‘Jasmine’ appeared throughout the works and each told an aspect of the story. I was so happy with them that I decided to collate them into a small photo book, and although I sound a little 'dippy' saying this, I never really considered that they could become an actual children's picture book. That was until I showed it to a local publisher.

A few months after the exhibition the prospect of having our little collaboration became a reality and the book was published in 2012.

When I Grow Up marked the very special beginning of this new, and unexpected direction as an illustrator.