Written by Di Morrissey. 

Format: hardcover, 25x25cm, 32 pages
RRP: $AU20.00
Publisher: Harbour Publishing House 2014



A sob in the night wakes a little girl called Sonoma…and what does she find?
A magical little mouse who is hungry and scared of the dark.
What does Sonoma do?

Words from the publisher…

“Sonoma Meets Miss Mouse is a heartwarming tale of a little girl named Sonoma and her new best friend. Through the warm, vibrant illustrations and rich text, children will learn the value of friendship and the importance of helping all creatures great and small. Illustrated by acclaimed artist Julie Sydenham, Sonoma Meets Miss Mouse evokes a sense of magic in all who read it. With Julie’s lush, mixed media pieces created from a unique birds-eye perspective, young children will be transported into the magical world of Sonoma and Miss Mouse. Through Di’s elegant language and Julie’s stunning visual cues, parents are encouraged to involve themselves in their child’s reading and share the adventure together.”