Written by Anna Jarrett

Format: softcover, 21x28cm, 32 pages

RRP: $AU20

‘The Birds, The Sea & Me', is a story about the fascinating life of three types of endangered shorebirds which live and breed on our south coast beaches; the hooded plover, the pied oyster catcher and the little tern. Through the eyes of Rikki, a ten year old girl, we are taken on a journey of discovery, learning about the birds and their beach environment. We also learn what the shorebirds eat, where they lay their eggs and raise their chicks and why they’ re endangered. 

‘The Birds, The Sea & Me’ was written as part of a shorebird education project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and hosted by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife, South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program. The book was created from a series of writing and art workshops, which were featured in six Shoalhaven schools

in 2015. Local artists, Anna Jarrett and Julie Sydenham, collaborated with students to create artwork and writing in response to learning about the endangered shorebirds on their local beaches.

‘The Birds, The Sea & Me’, is a delightful book which draws the reader into the

unique landscape of the south coast beaches, and reveals layers of fascinating insights into the lives of the shorebirds.“

We hope that this book will create an awareness of our shorebirds, and encourage more people to help care for them” , says Anna Jarrett, Creative Director and writer.